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Mannan Binding Lectin Associated Serine Protease 2

In 2009 Helion Biotech licenced exclusive rights to inhibition of MASP-2 and antibodies targeting MASP-2 to Omeros Corporation.


The complement system plays a role in the inflammatory response and becomes activated as a result of tissue damage (e.g., trauma) or infection by microbial pathogens.


MASP-2 appears to be unique to, and required for the function of, one of the principal complement activation pathways, known as the lectin pathway.

Importantly, inhibition of MASP-2 does not appear to interfere with the antibody-dependent classical complement activation pathway, a central component of the acquired immune response to infection.

If the classical pathway is caused to function abnormally, a wide range of autoimmune disorders can result.

In 2015 Omeros Corporation has annouced positive results from Phase II trial with MASP-2 inhibitor licensed from Helion Biotech.


Preclinical data from Omeros Corporation, suggested that antibody-blockade of MASP-2 may have a preventive or therapeutic effect in the treatment of a wide range of complement-related diseases and disorders, including thrombotic microangiopathies (TMAs, e.g., atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome (aHUS), thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura (TTP), etc.) and neovascular age-related macular degeneration (AMD).


In 2013, Omeros started a Phase I clinical trial. In 2014, they started a Phase II trial, and in 2015 they gained Fast Track Designation from the FDA for the program.


See link to Omeros Phase II data announcement here

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